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Larry is a late bloomer Venture capitalist who likes to speak about himself in third person.

After years of toiling for the federal govenment, Larry decided that he had enough and started doing the things that mattered to him and was dearest to his heart: traveling, expressing his thoughts on facebook, and checking out entreprenuerial opportunites via either traditional or online venues. 


These days you can find him passing his time hanging out somewhere in his native Hampton Roads, Virginia at Wing Bistro, Queensway Soul Food Restaurant, or Chilis. You could also find him in a public library, museum, or hustling at a bowling alley.

As a young child, he has always been passionate about travel; so don't be surprised if he surfaces in any city in the U.S. such as Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or San Francisco; or internationally in Rome, Venice, Barcelona or Paris; or aboard a cruise ship headed for the one of the many Caribbean, Mediterranean, or Pacific  Islands.


Learning to read a very young age, Larry loves gleaning information -- whether on the printed page, online, or from elderly.  Passionate about history, genealogical research, interactive communication, travel, technology, ancient civilizations and cultures, he is always searching for truths and hidden secrets. 


His passion doesn't end there -- his most endearing passion is investing in ideas and interacting with people; therefore he is always available for meeting new people and engaging in stimulating conversations with happy and enthusiastic people with innovative ideas about improving other peoples' lives .


Contact him via twitter or facebook or tango.


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